Monuments launch at Photobook Week Aarhus

Monuments back cover

Gignoux Photos will be launching our latest photobook, Monuments, at Photobook Week Aarhus in Denmark from 28th – 30th October 2022.  This is the first time that Gignoux Photos will be attending the festival, which since 2014 has focused on the rapidly growing international interest in photobooks in recent years. 

The theme of this year’s festival is “Off Balance,” explained on the festival website as “an attempt to cope with the imbalance of our contemporary condition. Climate change pressuring a possible catastrophe for humanity, the unsustainable gap between rich and poor, plastic pollution and the drastic decrease of biodiversity, and the first pandemic in over a century. These are examples of a world with complicated issues that need to be addressed but are constantly confronted with political divisions and economic interests.”

In keeping with these themes, Monuments documents and commemorates communities in North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany earmarked for demolition to make way for surface coal mining.  This hand finished photobook combines Alan Gignoux’s photographs of abandoned houses with Brighton-based photographer Chloe Juno’s images of the objects left behind by departing families.  Released in a limited edition of 150, Monuments is available to pre-order on the Gignoux Photos website.

Gignoux Photos will also be selling the last remaining editions of their award-winning zine Oil Sands, as well as Appalachia: From Mountaintops to Moonscapes, launched at COP 26 in Glasgow.  Oil Sands documents the environmental impact of the Oil Sands bitumen extraction industry on the environment in Alberta, Canada, while From Mountaintops to Moonscapes records the effects of mountaintop removal mining in Wise County, Virginia.

In addition, visitors will get a sneak peek at our new dummy for Russian Rust Belt, which will be self-published in November this year.  Russian Rust Belt incorporates Gignoux’s photographs of the Ural industrial region taken in 2009.  The design of the book is inspired by the Soviet era photobooks produced between 1920 and 1941. Russian Rust Belt is available to pre-order on the Gignoux Photos website.

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