Documentary Photographer Alan Gignoux

Alan Gignoux, has been working as a professional documentary photographer since 2000, with photographic agencies such as Reuters, and independently. He also works as a cameraman on documentary film projects.

Alan has completed residencies with the NCAA in Russia, and The Rucka Centre in Cesis, Latvia. His award-winning work has been exhibited all over the world. Born in the United States, Alan now lives and works in London, England.




Alan Gignoux

Gignoux Photos founder Alan Gignoux has been working as a professional documentary photographer since 2000. Gignoux specializes in long form documentary projects that explore an issue over an extended period, sometimes several years. His work has been published in newspapers and professional magazines and has been exhibited internationally.



Chloe Juno is a creative consultant, visual artist, project manager, producer, photographer, and photo editor with a real love of photography and life stories. Her primary focus is documentary photography with 15 years’ experience as a photo editor and project manager editing award winning photography. 



Jenny Christensson is an independent curator who has been working with contemporary art and photography for fifteen years.  For Gignoux Photos she does project research, writing, editing and fundraising.   She also works with the team on exhibition and book planning and development.  



Chris Kemble is a multi award-winning Writer, Director, Editor and all-round filmmaker, with over a decade of experience in commercial, narrative and documentary projects, both long and short form. With Gignoux Photos his aim has been to help create engaging and thought-provoking pieces, whilst also exploring new ways of storytelling to best support each idea.



Emily Macaulay specialises in the design and production of printed goods. With Gignoux photos she has helped design a number of publications, including books, zines and newspapers, which frequently she has bound by hand to achieve unique and complicated results. Emily has also been involved in the design of a number of Gignoux Photo exhibitions.