Bruised Lands Exhibition Highlights

31st October – 12th November, 2021 at Wasps The Briggait

Our exhibition Bruised Lands was exhibited at Wasps the Briggait in Glasgow concurrent with the COP 26 conference on climate change. Alan Gignoux, and co-curators Chloe Juno and Jenny Christensson had an interesting week meeting and talking with visitors. Judging from the number of leaflets that were taken away we think that we had a minimum of 200 visitors over the two weeks.

The exhibition included a selection of prints from four photography series – Mountaintops to Moonscapes, Monuments, Oil Sands and Russian Rust Belt; two documentary short films – Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes and Oil Sands: Curse or Blessing; and we also introduced our newly published photobook – Mountaintops to Moonscapes. Thank you to all those who purchased the first copies, hot off the press!

Gignoux Photos would like to thank all those who helped to make the Bruised Lands exhibition in Glasgow come together:

Richard Wills at Photofusion – Printing and vinyl

Christopher Kemble – Co-Director with Alan Gignoux, Oil Sands short documentary film

Emily Macaulay at Stanley James Press – Exhibition design

Alex Hoyle – Installation and installation photographs

Revolve – Media partner

We are very grateful to Wasps the Briggait for providing and sponsoring the exhibition venue and would like to thank Tavienne Bridgewater and Tara Marshall-Tierney at Wasps for their support throughout.

Thank you also to Walker and Bromwich and their team, in particular Lydia, who ran an inspiring and packed series of exhibitions, events and workshops from the beautiful main hall next door to our space. They cooperated with us, shared their delicious food and helped to send visitors our way.

We are very happy to have met the team at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow, in particular Malcolm Dickson, John Farrell and Donna Maria Kelly. Thanks to them for coming to see our exhibition and for including some copies of Oil Sands and Mountaintops to Moonscapes in their bookshop.

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