Exhibition and book launch in London

There were two events celebrating the “You can see me, but I don’t exist” project in London during Refugee Week 2023. 

Exhibition opening in Stratford

On 19 June there was an event at Stratford Library celebrating the opening of the “You can see me, but I don’t exist exhibition.”  As part of the programme for the evening participants from the JRS writing workshops performed their poetry for the visitors.  The poetry readings were rounded off with a grand finale in which the entire group performed the poem “Pound a Bowl” supported by participation from the audience.

Exhibition-in-a-book launch at The Photographers’ Gallery

Towards the end of the week on 23 June The Photographers’ Gallery hosted the launch of the “You can see me, but I don’t exist” exhibition-in-a-book.  The event, which was well attended, included performances by writing participants from Manchester and London, as well as a poetry reading by poet Malka al Haddad, who led the Birmingham workshops and who represented the Birmingham participants who were unable to attend because they were performing a play that evening.  The final performance of the evening was by a musician from the Everything Human Rights organisation who played the marimba, a traditional Zimbabwean percussion instrument.

A limited number of copies of the “You can see me, but I don’t exist” exhibition-in-a-book were available for sale after the performances in the TPG Book Shop.  The exhibition-in-a-book can also be purchased from the Gignoux Photos online shop.  All sales of the book go to support the project.

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