Canadian Rangers


The Canadian Rangers are part-time reservists, taken mainly from the indigenous Inuit population, who provide a military presence in remote, isolated and coastal communities of Northern Canada.  Acting as the “eyes and ears in the north,” they are a vital component of the Canadian Forces in supporting national sovereignty.

Softcover zine, hand-stitched, including a postcard on the front and back with perforations at the spine.

Edition of 100

210 x 140 mm

52 pages

41 photographs





Edition of 100

210 x 140mm

52 pages

41 photographs

Printed on FSC uncoated 120 gsm paper

Perforated postcards on front and back cover

Hand saddle stitched with neon pink thread

Photographer: Alan Gignoux

Designer: Emily Macaulay at Stanley James Press

Creative Consultant: Chloe Juno

Editor/Writer: Jenny Christensson